Certification of a PSSC


Process for certification of a PSSC

There are currently 53 Private Ship Security Companies (PSSC) listed in the link above that have been issued with a certificate as per the provisions of Section 22  of Law 77(I) of 2012 and are authorised to provide services to Cyprus flagged vessels. Ship owners and/or ship managers may only use the services of certified PSSCs. When contracting the services of a PSSC, shipowners and shipmanageres should request verification of the validity of the PSSC’s certificate by the Department of Merchant Shipping.

Applications for certification as a PSSC under the Law are made in accordance with schedule 6 of the same law which details the resolution, documents and declarations which must be provided. Where a PSSC is not a Cyprus registered company it must appoint an authorised representative who may be a natural or legal person.

DMS fees (Circular No.61/2012):

  1.  For the examination of an initial application, €4.000,00 for up to 80 private ship security guards and EUR 50,00 for every additional private ship security guard above 80.
  2.  €2.000,00 for a renewal application
  3.  €50,00 for the issue of a certificate (valid for 2 years)
  4.  For the examination of an application for the addition and or deletion of private ship security guards on a previously issued certificate, €200.00 for up to 4 additional  security guards and €50,00 for every additional security guard above 4
  5.  €200.00 application for the addition and or deletion of firearms on a previously issued certificate
  6.  €50,00 for the issue of any new certificate


Our Firm has leading experts in maritime security with extensive military and civilian experience that have assisted numerous companies to obtain Private Ship Security Company certificates issued by the Department of Merchant Shipping. We can provide you with the correct wording of the resolutions and declarations required under schedule 6 of the Law as well as providing ongoing advice and guidance during the compilation of your application to avoid delays in the certification of your company.

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