Legal Opinions & Advice

When facing what can be the daunting situation of, for example, recovering damages and/or compensation for lost, misdelivered or damaged cargo within the context of often complex business relationships our lawyers can help you navigate your way and answer the essential questions such as:

  • Do you have title to sue the party that you believe responsible for the loss, misdelivery or damage to cargo?
  • In what jurisdiction can any legal action be taken?
  • Has the loss or damage (where relevant) occurred during the time that the party was responsible for the cargo?
  • If loss, damage or misdelivery is established what is the extent of the party’s responsibility?
  • How will damages be assessed?
  • What are the available options for resolution and the associated risks?

A comprehensive legal opinion at the early stages of a matter will provide the necessary information to enable an informed decision and will help guide your analysis of the risks and benefits of pursuing different avenues of resolution. For more information please contact us at; +357 25 823 593