Piracy Threat Update - March 2015

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Trends and incidents:

From January to March 2014 there were 6 recorded attacks off the coast of Nigeria. Over the same period in 2015 there have been  7 recorded attacks.

The attacks off the coast of Nigeria from January to March 2015 involved:

2 x attempted attacks (tankers)

3 x boarding of vessels where crew were kidnapped (product tanker, FPSO, and supply vessel)

2 x robberies (product tanker (oil cargo)) and boarding of reefer vessel (no cargo stolen)

The level of violence against crew remains high and there have been no discernible shifts in the methods or capability disparities among the groups carrying out attacks off the coast of Nigeria.


The number of attacks to date does not reflect the expected increase in the lead up to the Nigerian elections. It was anticipated that levels of maritime crime would increase as security forces concentrated on combating Boko Haram, and as influential figures, who POSSIBLY received funding from criminal elements for the conduct of campaigns in the lead up to and during the election, afforded protection to criminal groups operating in the Niger Delta over the election period. Although the results of the election have yet to be announced and there have been allegations of fraud and vote manipulation, the effects of the election results are UNLIKELY to be felt in the maritime security sector until the new government’s approach to the amnesty program scheduled to expire in 2015 as well as to corruption in the oil industry becomes evident.

Map and incident reporting sourced from IMB Piracy Reporting Centre  (http://www.icc-ccs.org/piracy-reporting-centre/live-piracy-map/details/144/738)

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