Risk & Threat Assessments

The right intelligence products can not only greatly enhance the safety of your crew and vessels but can also significantly reduce the cost of security risks such as commercial insurance premiums. By combining the expertise of our former military personnel and our lawyers we can provide you with the product that is tailored to your specific needs to ensure compliance with relevant international legislation and the implementation of the most cost-effective protection measures appropriate to the specific route and type/characteristics of each vessel.

Threat Assessment

Our Threat Assessments are relevant both for commercial and private vessels and include the following:

  • orientation to the specific geo-political and security climate of the relevant area
  • thorough evaluation of the effects of the environment such as weather patterns
  • description and assessment of the nature of the threat in a specific area (piracy or maritime terrorism or other)
  • description and assessment of the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures of the threat
  • trend analysis where appropriate to ensure an accurate threat forecast
  • Assessment of the threat’s Most Likely and Most Dangerous Courses of Action in relation to the particular vessel
  • Recommendations

Security Risk Analysis applying standard methodology (AS/NZS 4360) and risk management tools

Threat Briefings

Our expert staff can produce briefs tailored to different levels of staff to increase security awareness among crew and provide guidance and recommendations to management as to appropriate security measures. For more information please contact us at info@oxfordmaritime.com

A sample of the first step of one of our intelligence briefs can be found at NIGERIA Intelligence Brief