Transit approval for use of security guards


Application process for vessel

In accordance with article 13 of Law 77(I) of 2012 an application for the use of the services of an approved Private Ship Security Company (“PSSC”) on board a Cyprus flag vessel is filed with the DMS by the ship’s operator, owner or the ship’s representative in Cyprus, in accordance with the requirements set out in Circular 27/2012 and Supplementary Information on Circular 27/2012 of the Department of Merchant Shipping (“DMS”).  The competent authority will then process the application and issue a certificate allowing the use of the specified PSSC.

The application for the use of PSSC services must include the information and documents specified by article 13(2) and the Fourth Schedule of Law 77(I) of 2012, including but not limited to the following documents:

  1. The voyage plan of the ship
  2. The assessment of the risks and a description of security measures which will be implemented by the PSSC, taking into account the voyage plan, without and with     armed private ship security guards as per the provisions of article 4(3) of the Law
  3. The written private agreement which has been concluded with the PSSC
  4. The rules for the use of force agreed on with the PSSC

DMS fees (Circular No.61/2012):

  1.  €100,00 for an application submitted at least 5 calendar days prior to the embarkation of security guards or the loading of firearms/equipment
  2. €200,00 for an application submitted at 5 calendar days or less prior to the embarkation of security guards or the loading of firearms/equipment
  3. €50,00 for the issue of a certificate on approval
  4. €50,00 for the examination of an application for changes in the security guards or in the firearms on a previously issued certificate, the issue of a new certificate

Application process for PSSC Company

At the same time that the ship operator, owner or representative is preparing and filing the relevant application for the use of the services of a PSSC, the nominated PSSC must submit to the DMS a notification for the provision of services to a ship in accordance with section 26(2)(a) of the Law. Although there are no specified time limits it is advisable to submit the notification as early as possible so as to ensure that the application/notification can be processed prior to the date of the security guards’ embarkation or the loading of weapons and/or equipment.

DMS fees (Circular No.61/2012): No fees are payable by the PSSC company for the placement of security guards on board vessels following the certification of the PSSC as an approved provider of security services on board Cyprus flagged vessels.

Our staff can provide invaluable assistance towards ensuring the complete and proper completion of all applications while the ongoing liaison capability which is offered  will ensure that applications are processed quickly and efficiently with minimal administrative burden on either the ship or PSSC.

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